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Everyone Should Pay Their Rent

Paying rent is one of the most basic parts of any rental agreement. If your tenant doesn't pay their rent, a collection agency can help you recover what's owed. Gem City Account Service, Inc works with property owners and managers in the Quincy, Illinois area. Our rent recovery service allows you to pursue repayment from current and previous tenants to get the money you've got coming.

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You have a legally binding contract

When your tenants sign a rental agreement, they're agreeing to a legally binding contract. They're required to follow the rules they agreed to. Otherwise, they could face eviction or other legal action.

Most rental contracts include agreements that your tenant will...

  • Pay their rent on time.
  • Pay their rent in full.
  • Pay any applicable late fees.

If your tenants don't comply with these rules, they're subject to rent collection.

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